Member Rides

We are over 140 members strong and growing.  Below are some of the outstanding vehicles in our club.  

Dennis’ awesome ’70 Judge RAIV in Palladium Silver with black interior. 400/4bbl automatic transmission, ride and handling package, power seats, brakes and steering.

Susie and Bob are the original owners of this 1969 Firebird. Color is special order Windward blue. Under the hood is a 350 engine with 4 barrel carb.

Dave’s 1972 Grand Prix is a real head turner. He’s the second owner with only 51k on the odometer.

Pam and Dan’s beautiful 1964 Grand Prix with a 421 HO Tri-Power under the hood.

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Jack’s 1962 Tempest convertible with the 194.5 ci Trophy 4 engine (also known as “Half a V8”) and a 2 speed Powerglide automatic transmission.

Bruce’s stunning ’68 Bonneville convertible in Verdoro green with a white top and parchment interior.

Wolfgang’s rare and highly optioned ’72 Hurst SSJ Grand Prix is powered by a 455 engine.

Wolfang’s owned this ’74 Super Duty Firebird Formula since 1985. It’s one of 57 built.

Fiona and Mike’s gorgeous 1967 GTO. Built locally at the Framingham MA assembly plant, this Goat sports a 400 engine and 4 speed transmission.

Ed’s very rare 1964 Custom Sport Parisienne powered by a dual quad Chevy 409.

Ed is the original owner of this beautiful 1984 Parisenne in two tone brown paint. Under the hood is a Chevy 305 engine.

Ken’s 1977 Grand Prix has a 301 cu engine and less than 15k miles on the odometer.

Al and Betty’s sweet 1961 Bonneville convertible in Bamboo Cream with a walnut brown top and brown tri-tone interior. Under the hood is a 389-4 barrel mated to an automatic transmission. We dig the 8 lug wheels and wide white wall tires.

Wes’ 1968 Firebird convertible has a beautiful stance. Blue with black interior and a 4 speed trans.

John is the original owner of this Springfield Green 1972 Grand Prix. Only has 150k miles on the 400 engine.

Darrel’s beautiful 1967 Firebird 400 with a Muncie 4 Speed.  Red with black interior and rally II rims.

Dennis’ awesome 1970 Trans Am in Lucerne Blue with a black interior. Dig those Rally II wheels with white letter tires.


Bruce’s ’67 Firebird convertible. White with a red interior, rally stripe and a 400 engine.

Paul’s gorgeous 1968 Firebird convertible.

Bobby’s nice ’76 Grand Prix.

Paul is the second owner of this stunning 1936 Silver Streak DeLuxe 2 door. Bought brand new in Worcester MA back in the day, this car has only 36,000 miles on it.

Bo’s stunning 1968 Firebird convertible. Red on red with a white power top. This 400 powered bird has a 2 speed automatic transmission, power steering and power brakes.

Paul’s beautifully modified 1967 GTO. Too many mods to mention. Under the hood is a supercharged LS3.

Wolfgang’s 455 powered fully optioned 1974 Grand Prix.

Dave’s sweet ’68 Grand Prix in Burgundy. Love those hideaway headlights.

Another one of Dave’s ’68 Grand Prix. This one is the luxurious hue of Nightshade Green.

Wolfgang’s 30th anniversary Firebird. Under the hood is a WS6 engine mated to a 6  speed transmission.

Tracey is the 2nd owner of this 1989 GMC Jimmy SLE. Under the hood is a 454 with 129k miles on the odometer.

Tracey is also the owner of this sweet 1967 Firebird with a 400 engine mated to a 4 speed transmission.


Charlie is the original owner of this gorgeous ’69 GTO convertible in Antique Gold with a black interior.

Tim and Holly’s sweet 1937 DeLuxe 8. A real survivor.

Ross’ sweet 1966 Catalina convertible in Cameo Ivory with black interior and black top. You’ll find a 389 engine with 2 bbl carb under the hood.

Matt’s owned his ’66 GTO for 41 years. It has a 455 engine, 4 speed transmission, 3.73 gears and a 12 bolt posi rear. Best ET at the track is 12.49 @ 110 mph.

Steve is the original owner of this 1981 Trans Am. Color is Alpine white with special order blue velour interior. Under the hood is a 5.0 litre 305 mated to a 4 speed transmission.

This is Donny’s stunning 1967 Firebird 400 with a manual transmission.

Scott's 70 Bonneville

Scott’s 1970 Granada Gold Bonneville convertible. There’s a 455 under that hood!

Terry’s 1974 Custom Ventura Hatchback with the GTO option in Regatta Blue with white vinyl interior.  350 engine mated to a 4 speed transmission.  Note the tent option.

Terry’s. 1977 Can Am with 400 cu engine and turbo 400 transmission.

Jim’s beautiful ’68 GTO in Cameo white with red interior. Note the redline tires on rally II rims. Options include a/c, tilt wheel, hood tach, tinted glass, power antenna, power steering and power brakes.


Lester’s ’57 Chieftain 4 door hardtop. 347 engine with automatic on the column.

Alex’s 1967 Lemans has a 326 under the hood. Love the Cragars.


Mark’s gorgeous ’64 Grand Prix. White with a BLUE vinyl top. It’s got 389 Tri-Power under the hood and a 4 speed transmission.

Ray’s custom and rare 1988 Fiero GT with a 3.1 litre V-6, T-Tops, turbo and nitrous, and a Ferrari 355 nose.


Lou’s pristine ’77 Grand Prix. Sterling Silver with a black landau top.


Merle’s beautifully restored Knafel Pontiac “Tin Indian” ’66 GTO race car.

Jim May’s 64 GTO drag car has a 467 cube, 650 hp motor under the hood.

Dave’s  ’68 Verdoro Green GTO. Auto trans with Hurst Dual Gate floor shifter, hood tach, rally gauges, A/C, and power windows.

Ed’s rare low mileage 1986 Grand Prix 2+2 Aerocoupe in silver with gray cloth interior. Options include a/c, power windows, power brakes, stereo cassette, and rally II rims. Engine is a 305 ci V8 with 4 bbl carb.


Ned’s sweet ’63 Grand Prix.  Dig the 8 Lug wheels and white wall tires.

Marge and Howie’s beautiful ’64 GTO complete with white lettered tires on Cragar rims.


Bob’s Silver Grand Prix with a 421.


Dick’s ’69 Ram Air III GTO 4 speed. Verdoro Green with Gold Morrokide interior and a Black Convertible top.


Wayne’s ’66 Bonneville 4 door hardtop in Burgundy Iridescent.


Rick’s Burgundy Bonneville


Bruce’s ’66 GTO Convertible


Paul’s beautiful ’58 Star Chief.  Burma Green with White trim.  370 engine.  Automatic on the column.


Steve’s ’67 Tyrol Blue Grand Prix with Parchment interior.


Jim’s ’67 Tyrol Blue GTO Convertible.  4 speed.


Joe and Ann Marie’s ’60 Coronado Red Bonneville Wagon


Merle’s ’64 GTO.  Red with a painted white top.


Ron’s ’63 Yorktown Blue Grand Prix with three deuces and a 389.

Nancy and John’s beautiful ’55.


Tony’s ’64 Bonneville Convertible

Andy’s rare ’69 GTO – Ram Air III, 4 Speed with A/C. Verdoro Green exterior with green interior.


Steve’s ’65 Bonneville Convertible.  Mayfair Maize.  Was a 389 4 barrel, now has a 421.


Joe’s unrestored 1970 Atoll Blue Judge 4 speed.


Bob’s 1963 Grand Prix in GM Bright White with black interior.


Roger’s 1955 Star Chief Custom Catalina – Fire Gold and White Mist.


Joe and Ann Marie’s ’60 Skymist Blue Safari Wagon

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Paul’s ’70 Sierra Yellow GTO Convertible. 455 H/O automatic.

Image 3

Merle Jr’s 1974 Grandville Convertible

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Merle’s 1986 Parisienne Limousine

Image 9

Bruce’s 1966 LeMans Convertible in Nightwatch Blue.

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John’s 1941 Pontiac (Aunt Millie)

Image 10

Chris’ 1940 Convertible

Image 11

Don’s white ’64 GTO with black interior, redline tires and 4 speed trans.

Image 12

Paul’s 1968 Bonneville – Verdoro Green with White vinyl top and Parchment interior.

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Tom’s Silver 1985 Parisienne Brougham


Joe and Ann Marie’s ’67 GTO – Tyrol Blue w/Parchment interior


Tony’s Cameo Ivory ’59 convertible.


Pam’s ’67 Montreux Blue GTO convertible with a 400 H/O engine, automatic transmission and dog dish caps.

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John’s ’67 GTO – Burgundy with a Black vinyl top, 400 engine and Hurst Dual Gate Shifter.


Paul’s ’58 Chieftain.   Seaforth Green with Darby Green trim.  370 engine.  Automatic on the column.


Joe and Ann Marie’s 1960 Ventura 4 door. White with a painted blue roof.


Joe M’s Antique Gold 1969 GTO.  It’s a 400 4 speed with 3.90 gears.


Mitch’s ’68 Catalina station wagon can comfortably haul 8 passengers with room to spare.


Joe B’s original 1939 Pontiac Deluxe 6 Touring Sedan has just the right amount of patina on it. Under the hood is a 6 cylinder 222 ci flat head.  Car came with many options including a second horn, left tail light, and front and rear cigar lighters and ashtrays. Gotta love the poverty caps and suicide doors.


Bob’s beautiful supercharged ’67 GTO in bright silver metallic with a black interior. Goodies include Hurst dual gate shifter, wood wheel and rally II rims.


Greg’s 1968 GTO. Verdoro green with parchment interior.


Linda and Bill’s sweet ’70 GTO convertible. Palladium silver with a black top.  Rally II rims and redline tires.


Joe’s 1979 Trans Am was built in the Norwood Ohio plant. It’s a 403 engine with automatic transmission. He has owned this beauty for over 30 years.

John has several Pontiacs.  This is his gorgeous 1981 Bonneville Brougham. White exterior with burgundy interior. Under the hood is the 4.3 litre V-8. 1981 was the last year for the 2 door body style.

This is another of John’s Pontiacs.  A 1985 Parisienne in Dark Blue Metallic. It has a 305 ci engine. This car is driven and has 240k miles on the odometer.

Ale and Robin’s ’65 GTO Royal Bobcat with a 421 Tri-Power engine and 4 speed transmission.   Color is Midnight Racer Blue with a black interior.  Ale has owned this beauty since 1978.

Roger’s sweet ’88 Fiero Formula .

Greg’s ’68 Bonneville in Cameo Ivory with a black vinyl top and Parchment interior. It has a 400 engine with 4 barrel carb.

Lee’s 1972 GTO

Dave’s ’68 Firebird. The 455 engine is mated to an automatic transmission.

Frank’s sweet ’64 Catalina. Yorktown Blue with a black interior. Under the hood is a 389 engine with four barrel carb.

Tom’s ’62 Star Chief in Caravan Gold has a 389 under the hood and is a survivor with only 52k original miles on the odometer.

This Silverleaf Green 1962 Catalina 4 door has been in Marty’s family since 1965. It sports a 389-4 barrel with a column shifted automatic transmission.

Kevin’s stunning ’67 GTO convertible in regimental red with black interior and black top. The 400 motor is mated to an automatic transmission and controlled by a Hurst “His ‘n Her” shifter. Other options include redline tires on rally II rims and a hood tach.

Bobby’s ’70 Catalina Wagon in Polar White with tan interior.  This beast is powered by a 400 ci engine.

Charlies owned this ’64 Grand Prix for over 38 years. It has a 389 engine with 4 barrel carb and automatic transmission.  One neat option on this car is the retractable trunk light.

Ray’s custom 1988 Fiero T-Top Convertible with a 3.8L supercharged V6.

John’s 1987 Grand Prix.  Black with gray interior and a 305 engine. Dig the wire wheel covers.

Ron’s dad was the original owner of this gorgeous 1984 Bonneville in Dark Briar Brown with Buckskin top. Only 92k miles on the odometer.  There’s a 305 ci V8 under the hood.

Ron’s ’92 Firebird purchased brand new from Sudbay Pontiac in Gloucester, MA. Only Under 17k miles. Engine is the 3.1 litre V6.

Jim acquired this 2009 G8 from a seller in Connecticut.  All stock with 80k miles.

Marty’s 301 powered ’77 LeMans is complete with rally II rims and duck bill rear spoiler.

Steve’s Awesome ’54 Pontiac convertible with a glowing lighted hood ornament.

Marge and Howie’s sweet ’52 custom Chieftain.


Hey…..How did these get in here?  Steve’s ’57 Metro

And John and Joan’s ’41 Austin Eight Tourer.